Welcome to Toispual Design

I am a metal artisan and jewelry designer from Turku, Finland. On these pages you will find my portfolio, and an Instgram gallery with frequent updates on what’s going on in and out of my workshop 🙂

Turku, the city I live in, is divided in two by the river Aura. Traditionally the sides are referred to as “täl pual” , this side, and “tois pual” , the other side. The “other side” does not change as you change sides. In this city it is a constant. The riverside is my favourite area of the city. It is always in motion and changing, and often provides me inspiration. It also ended up inspiring this website.

Creating jewelry for me is an act of translating the ideas from inside my head into something physical. In a way bringing them over from thought to matter. I also hope to bring things over from my side to yours, handing you an example of how I view the world with the jewelry I make.

Welcome to the other side. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay!


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